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We are here to serve those who serve their community. 

Your PC3 team will work hands-on with your organization to find scalable solutions to your unique challenges. We partner with our clients taking on each project as if it's our own. Every person on our roster of specialists has years of real-world experience in and around the EMS industry. We bring data-driven and experience-driven solutions to improve recruiting and retention, strategic planning, systems assessments, and even creating entirely new services from the ground up. We help our clients navigate complex environments to build sustainable EMS systems that scale up as your community grows and changes. 


From managing and leading a full-size conference to small educational workshops for a handful of volunteers, Team Protego can tackle the project. Some of our most popular offerings include the Vision, Mission, and Core Values workshop, and a variety of creative and real-life scenario team-building workshops. Our workshops can be custom-built to meet your needs, leadership, communications, public relations, and more. 

Strategic Planning

The world is rapidly changing; new technologies, growing communities, changing regulations, and evolving industry practices. Our team can act in an advisory role. Or even dive in deep to help you develop a scalable plan that meets the needs of your community, system, and providers. No matter the size of your organization, the best way to ensure organizational success is to develop a clear plan that adapts as your community and the industry changes around you.

Workplace Scorecard

A Workplace Scorecard will give you insight into the health of your team and allow you to build a plan to address the challenges unique to your organization. We carefully and anonymously survey and interview your team, then compile and analyze the results. You'll receive a complete report, recommendations, and a health score. With this analysis, you can periodically check your team's vital signs and measure improvement. Learn More.

Cultural Cultivation

Cultural Cultivation takes the Workplace Scorecard to the next level. This is an ongoing relationship with your organization where we take the pulse of your team annually, deliver the same rich reporting document but stay with you through planning and implementation. You aren't going it alone, you have a team of professionals at your side to advise and facilitate programs to increase your team performance.

Workplace Differential

What is the single issue that is plaguing your department right now? Are you sure the problem you've identified is really to blame? The Workplace Differential is a holistic assessment, customized for your needs, to define the problem, analyze contributing factors, identify the root causes, and generate creative solutions.

Grant Writing Assistance

Alternative sources of funding exist for first responder agencies. Unfortunately, it takes time and training to find grants and distinguish your request from all the others. Our experienced grant writers and industry insiders can help you research and craft meaningful narratives that command attention.

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