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Develop Your Greatest Asset

Making public service better, from the ground up.

4 Years

With a 20-30% churn rate, after 4 years your fire and EMS crew may be completely turned over. That translates into lost institutional knowledge and loose-knit teams. The cost to hire and train new team members quickly becomes astronomical.

45% Increase

From 2008 to 2018 fire call volume increased 45%, while fire department volunteerism decreased 10%. To counter this, departments must cultivate a culture to attract and retain volunteers.


Our mission is to help public service agencies cultivate and maintain strong teams to deliver solutions for their communities into the future.


PC3 is more than a typical consulting company. We have assembled a roster of public service specialists with diverse careers in public health, public safety, technology and research. This allows us to construct a team that meets your organization's specific needs. Your challenges are unique, you need a custom solution.


Workshops are great for generating new ideas, having tough conversations, or redesigning your mission and vision. They are an opportunity to break through challenges, overcome barriers, and become stronger together. 

Strategic Planning

Sometimes it takes a team with a new perspective to help you design your organization's future. Your community is growing and we can help you scale up your organization's future to meet the challenges ahead. 

Workplace Scorecard

Your team is your greatest asset but do you really know what motivates your providers? The Workplace Scorecard lets you see the team's vital signs allowing us to assess the health of your organization and develop a plan accordingly.

Cultural Cultivation

Cultural Cultivation takes the Workplace Scorecard to the next level by following up with multi-year research studies and assisting in the implementation of the plans we develop together. This is the best way to ensure positive, long-term change.

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Our mission is to energize and sustain high-quality public service organizations. We believe these systems are of vital importance to our communities, and the people who serve deserve the best leadership and support available.

Protego Critical Communication Consultants

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A Duty To Act

PC3's Podcast and so much more! Listen to interviews, news, and innovative ideas. Submit a question, suggest a topic, or share your story - we would love to have you on our show.
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Think Like A Data Scientist

Learn the tool and techniques to think like an EMS data scientist. Using Excel and seemingly limited data, you'll learn how to dive deep into the data you have an make case for new personnel. 

  • Learn essential Excel functions: VLOOKUP() and more!

  • Create pivot tables and charts using real world data.

  • Learn to join data sets together. 

  • Build meaningful reports using the ACORNS method.

  • Create beautiful reports and cases that make a strong argument for your department. 

  • Learn to think like a data scientist. 

Anyone can learn to ues the SUM() function, but can you put it to work?

Your organization’s culture has a direct impact on recruitment, retention, safety, and the department’s bottom line.


Jennifer Russell

Over 30 years in Fire, EMS, and teaching, with Master's degrees in organizational leadership and communications.


Josh Bennett

10 years in high-tech data science with a Masters's degree in business. Josh has worked on high-profile projects in the nonprofit and NGO sectors.

A Custom Solution

Our leadership team has decades of experience finding creative solutions, building strong partnerships, and leveraging data-driven insights for growth and efficiency. The founders are the hub of every project. To address your unique challenges we assemble a team of specialists based on your needs. We've built a Hub and Spoke model because we believe that clients need a custom-built solution.
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