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Emergency Service  Data Science:
From Beginner to Expert

Learn to use the ACORNS method to build a strong one page case for data-backed recommendations.

Build a Case

You'll learn functions from TRIM() to VLOOKUP(). Even better, you'll combine functions to solve challenging problems.

Essential functions

See how to split data and handle null values to create a wider and more usable data set.

Clean data

You'll join 3 data sets together to add powerful context to your base table.


Learn to use pivot tables to explore data and understand what its telling you.


Create heat-maps and other visualizations to see important patterns.


What You'll Learn

Think Like a Data Scientist

I'll take you from limited, dirty data to a clean analysis that argues for additional personnel at the hardest hit stations.

27 In-depth Steps

Video explanations and and walkthroughs of all the functions and the thinking behind them

Video Explanations

Excel is the most common tool in EMS agencies so we'll leverage it to the fullest. More importantly, you'll learn to think like a data scientist.

>12 Essential Functions

Perform EDA, Univariate and Bivariate analysis and more on real data.

Real Analysis

Joshua Darling

Joshua Darling (JD) has spent a career working in data and as an instructor. He has a passion for emergency services and has worked to apply his skills for his community. He has helped departments large and small use their data to positively shift retention rates, make cases for new equipment and personnel, and change training practices. 

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